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The inventory of warehouse tailored for


  To build a modern solid warehouse, enterprises must learn to take precautions and budget carefully, and determine the relevant technical parameters of the stereoscopic warehouse according to their logistics scale and demand characteristics.

  In general, the warehouse is mainly determined by the parameters of the storage unit and the number of the storage pallets. Among them, the number of pallets and pallets determines the type and quantity of access devices (such as stacker), handling equipment (such as battery forklift) and other devices (such as RF), and the storage unit specification determines the overall operation efficiency and investment and operation cost of the stereoscopic warehouse.

  Computing storage unit specification

  The calculation storage unit specification can be done by special computer program. It can also be used in the simplest way. It is calculated in EXCEL, accounting for 1200 x 1000, 1200 x 1200, 1200 x 800, 1100 * 1100 standard size. The following is the calculation formula of "total weight":

  The total weight of INT1000/E110 INT1200/F110 INT1450/G110 * * * = H340

  The E, F, G, H respectively for single length and width, height, weight, tray size is 1200 * 1000, goods (excluding pallets) stacking height 1.45M, pallet height 150mm, clearance 10mm between boxes and boxes of goods stacked, pallet weight 40KG.

  The results indicated that the goods stacking rules for each layer of 2 * 2, can be stacked 3 pieces, after the storage unit size is 1010 x 936 x 1570 (including tray), weight 221.2KG (including tray).

  The size of the storage unit is optimal and can be compared by calculating the utilization ratio of the storage unit (space utilization). The following is the calculation formula of the utilization ratio of the storage unit:

  ETA = sigma 1200 sigma / encoder size 1000 x 1600.

  For the above cargo, according to the results generated by EXCEL automatic operation, the utilization rate of the storage unit is 0.768 with the size of 1200 * 1000 size pallet, and the utilization rate of the storage unit is 0.384 with 1200 * 800 pallets. Therefore, it is more reasonable to use 1200 x 1000 pallets than 1200 x 800 pallets.

  Determine the number of storage and outgoing pallets

  The cargo unit specification, then can be calculated according to this specification, the number of inventory pallet stacking goods when a storage tray number. If the growth of business business is taken into account, the number of three-dimensional warehouse pallets can be calculated according to the following formula:

  Pt = (Qi/Ri) * (1Gi) n/ (1-D) n * K

  The tray number Pt for the warehouse need; Qi for existing inventory, storage volume; Ri number of encoder rules in the Gi for the enterprise; growth rate; n is considered the business volume after many years; the annual growth rate of D for the price, if the price is more than 0, if the appreciation is less than 1; K for the correction coefficient, generally not more than 1, because the number of pallets is generally not with business growth in year-on-year growth, business volume increases, the proportion of the whole tray will increase, storage unit utilization rate will increase, and with the management level and the operation efficiency, inventory will be relatively compressed.

  The number of pallets calculated by this formula is the total number of goods in the stereoscopic warehouse. The sum of the number of pallets and the number of pallets in storage is the number of storage and delivery pallets (throughput) of the stereoscopic warehouse.

  To do this, the main parameters of a three-dimensional warehouse are basically determined.