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Panyu shelf works share the benefits of using pallet shelves


  Panyu plant shelves that use pallet rack advantage is easy to tray lump, can optimize your warehouse management. The column is the basic component of the pallet shelf. It carries the weight of the whole shelf system, so the material and structure design of the column material is very important for the carrying capacity of the shelf. The height and depth of the column sheet of Panyu shelf factory can be customized to meet various needs of customers.

  Support as a kind of shelf accessories, the scope of application is very wide. Pallet support is needed when the tray in a warehouse is not uniform in size. Besides, in addition to pallets, some industries also have special storage containers, such as storage cage, oil drum and so on. There are many kinds of pallet support needed to meet different storage requirements.

  The mesh laminate is a common accessory on the pallet shelf. It can prevent the falling of small objects, play a safe and protective role, and can assist the bearing of the beam. But the mesh laminate can't concentrate too much. Suitable for evenly loaded scattered objects. The mesh laminates are used to increase the safety of the shelves. It is more than that of the wood plate strong and safe fire sprinkler permeable rate up to 100%. The size of the mesh laminate can be customized to meet the requirements of different tray sizes.

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