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What are the differences between light, medium and weight shelves


  Light weight rack generally adopts lightweight steel sheet rack with universal angle steel as the pillar. It is assembled by connecting and plugging. It is easy to install and disassemble. It can store multiple products with plastic turnover box.

  The medium volume shelf is also divided into: medium (A) type shelf and medium (b) type shelf,

  In the amount of (A) - shelf inserting combined structure, the standard set of insert member without a link bolt, convenient installation and disassembly quickly, for plate shearing and bending processing of super closed steel laminates, laminates under spot welding are reinforced or reinforcing bars, each 50 cm height adjustable unit each layer of shelf load up to 400 kilograms, square column, positive punching quantity is less, the more stable the elegant shelf.

  The middle volume (b) rack is a structure connected by columns and crossbeams. It is easy to plug and assemble. The crossbeam is adjusted by 50mm pitch. It is suitable for carrying the largest and long beam. Usually the weight of each layer is 350-800kg.

  Heavy shelf is the most common form of storage of large goods and heavy goods. The standard configuration structure is relatively simple. It is mainly composed of columns and beams. It is also called cross beam shelf. It can be used to store goods by pallet and bin. The heavy duty rack is also known as pallet rack. Due to the heavy goods stored in the heavy shelf, the forklift must be used with the forklift, and the forklift can freely access any of the goods in one position.

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