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Main types of warehouse composite shelves


  1: cross beam shelf

  Access is fast and convenient, ensuring that all goods are first in, first out, no forklift type restriction, faster delivery speed, and space utilization rate 30%-50% (determined by forklift type).

  2: corridor type shelf

  High density storage, advanced out, part of the goods by single, 20%-30% optional, the speed of the general delivery, the net of storage up to 60% of the whole warehouse.

  3: the gravitational shelf

  The ideal choice of high density and high efficient storage goods is free entry and exit design, high inventory turnover rate, quick picking and quick ground utilization, and storage space 60%.

  4: attic shelves

  The attic rack is built on the shelf with floor support. It can be designed into multi-storey floors (usually 2-3 stories), with staircases and cargo lifts, etc., which is suitable for higher storeroom, light cargo and manual access. The hoist and hydraulic lifting platform are used in the case of large volume of storage.

  5: cantilever shelf

  It is suitable for the storage of long and irregular objects, such as pipe hose and steel plate, etc.

  6: electronic control mobile shelf

  Each set of shelves can be driven by electric power (Mechanical) drive separately on the track, and a channel can be used to solve 6, 8, 10, or more shelves. Push the button to drive the shelves and open the required channels.

  7: pallet shelf

  Pallet rack is to design and keep goods shelves in the way of pallet unit goods, usually with forklift trucks and other loading and unloading equipment.