Warehouse equipment case
Warehouse equipment case
Warehouse equipment case
Warehouse equipment case


The steel platform is a kind of unique shelf with double columns as main support and main and secondary beams as floor support, which divides the warehouse into two or three Spaces above and below. The divided space can be used for storage or office purposes.

When the steel platform is in operation, the goods can be manually operated and transported by stairs, or they can be sent to the second and third floors by the cargo ladder of the forklift or lifting platform. According to customers' needs, the floor can be transported to the designated location by trolley and pallet trucks.

Product features: good structure and stability, the main components are connected by high-strength bolts, no need for field welding, good specifications, peer can be designed into 2~3 floors, set up stairs and goods lift elevator, etc.
■ The steel platform is characterized by large carrying capacity, flexible design, easy to use and simple installation, has been widely use in the workshop or warehouse to effectively increase the storage capacity of the warehouse.
■ All composite structure, and uprights are made from square or round tube, the beams are Doubld C beam.
■ As for the higher waerhouse, two or more layers of steel platform can be designed.
■ Can be equipped with staircase and good elevator.
■ Suitable for storing smaller items, within easy reach of warehouse personnel, for easy picking of box stock.
■ Can be completely disassembled, alll parts can be reused, and their structure, size or location can be easily modified.
■ ONETOOL case for reference
■ Design 3D drawing video :

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