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How to ensure the safety of the steel platform in Zengcheng shelf?


  How to ensure the safety of the steel platform in Zengcheng shelf?

  Issuing time:2023-05-04 15:59The steel platform according to the actual field and specific requirements, can be designed into a single layer or multilayer, multilayer is generally 2-3, and other types of storage shelves is different, there will be people around the steel platform or car, as the Zengcheng shelf factory - excellent manufacturer, we will also use safe cargo aircraft refueling.

  1, the steel platform should set the limit load, especially the steel platform with the hydraulic lifting platform, and more need to mark the load limit in the prominent position.

  2, the shelving point and the upper node of the steel platform must be located on the building, and shall not be placed on scaffolding and other construction facilities, and the supporting system shall not be connected to the scaffold.

  3. The concrete beam plate of the steel platform shelving should be buried and connected with the bolt of the platform.

  4. The horizontal angle between the wire rope and the platform is 45 degrees to 60 degrees.

  5. The tensile strength of the beam and column on the top of the steel platform should be checked to ensure the safety of the building and the platform.

  6. The clasp should be used when the steel platform is used, so the hook should not be directly hooked up to the platform ring.

  7, steel platform installation, steel wire rope should adopt special hook firmly, take other ways when the buckle shall not be less than 3, an export rope tied around the building should be lining cushion material, steel platform outside the mouth should be slightly higher than the inside.

  8, the steel platform around the need to install protective fence, and when necessary, the need to install a fence to prevent people or goods from falling;

  All of the above, as an outstanding Zengcheng shelf factory, to the customer for the planning time will take into account these problems, and customers on the safety of steel platform in use of other issues, need their own demands before planning in the shelf factory, Zengcheng plant shelves which can be combined with experience and technology to ensure solution feasibility.