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For you to reveal the way to the development of the storage management system of YISHION group


  In China, the garment industry is the most competitive and cruelest Red Sea market. How can YISHION group survive and achieve its strategic goals in this market? In addition to the efforts of YISHION group leaders and 3000 employees, YISHION group also depends on YISHION group to increase its warehousing and storage system to the company's development strategy level, and to profit from warehousing space. Now the YISHION storage shelf partner navigates the shelf for you to expose.

  In recent years, YISHION has developed more than more than 5000 stores and 28 garment factories in China and other parts of the world. The traditional warehouse management mode has begun to show its disadvantages.

  1. the traditional storage management system is a random arrangement of goods, resulting in the loss of goods and other phenomena.

  2., the traditional warehouse management system is based on a non automated, paper based system to record and track incoming and exported goods, which is entirely manually implemented in the warehouse's internal management tradition.

  3., the traditional heavy duty rack system is too backward, resulting in high labor costs, intensified market competition among warehouse management enterprises, low utilization of management resources, large number of warehouses, unreasonable layout, and lack of warehouse management and management talents.

  YISHION management recognizes that the low efficiency of warehouse management hinders YISHION's development plan, builds nine layers of logistics centers, and centrally manages warehouses throughout the country. Our company is invited by YISHION logistics director to plan and manufacture the logistics center. After two communication and research, we have designed a series of cloth shelves, rack and heavy shelves to enhance storage space and improve the operation time.

  Design purpose: create storage value for customers

  Its main functions include:

  The inventory management, multi unit measurement, batch control and elastic weight, improve inventory accuracy and visibility, the YISHION group of the workshop finished storage location, access time, distance and other goods strict regulations, prevent goods arbitrarily placed waste of manpower, saving more than 50% manpower cost.

  The slottingoptimization advantageously arranged SKU / - can identify faces in a range of positions, adapt to the changing needs of "space" to reduce the space of warehouse area, improve the utilization rate of 50%, the electronic commerce warehouse space cloth warehouse, expand warehouse storage capacity, with automated machinery and equipment, reduce the cost of 60%.

  Third, the origin management is to coordinate the site mobile and receiving and order fulfillment, improve visibility, productivity and safety, and increase the speed of products to 5000 stores.

  At present, the market competition is concentrated on supply chain management. The situation in retail industry is particularly obvious. Who will have quick response, high efficiency and low cost in the supply chain? Who will win in the competition? Combined with the current situation of domestic enterprises and referring to the implementation cases of YISHION warehousing system, SMEs can seriously analyze the market environment and implement enterprise informatization to create core competitiveness. High shelf manufacturer specializing in navigating shelv