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Guangzhou navigation metal products company has successfully developed a new type of bonding technol


   Issuing time:2022-02-09 10:36Guangzhou storage shelves: due to the rapid development of China's shelf businesses, more and more importance is attached to the necessity and appeal of shelves. Therefore, the domestic warehousing and storage industry has entered a new development stage, and the transformation of skills has its own innovation. Guangzhou pilot metal products Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise specialized in R & D, production and sales of various types of logistics and storage equipment, storage system has all the operation, production manufacture, debugging device of full range of work ability. The company has passed ISO9001 certification system with strong wind, technical force and product development capability, advanced production equipment, sophisticated processing technology and perfect the guarantee system of wind. And with the domestic advanced cold-formed steel rolling production line, automatic punching production line, electrostatic powder spraying line and production equipment of cold sheet metal processing.

  In November 2015, the Guangzhou shelf factory successfully developed the new technology of clamping and welding beam of the shelf, thus changing the skill of manual spot welding after holding the welding beam, improving the occlusion tightness of the welding beam and making the external beam of the welding beam beautiful and bearing capacity stronger. The tension for heavy shelves, pallet racks, rack, rack, such as heavy shelf rack beams, in accordance with the following intuitive view of the shape, is composed of two kinds of welding beam holding type C steel buckled and welded together.

  The new type of welding beam can not only make the shelf itself more windy, but also have the following advantages:

  1, make the storage shelf more elegant in shape.

  2. Compared with the C beam, the heavy shelving welding beam is stronger and the weight bearing is stronger.

  3, because of the use of closed beams, for cleaning and maintenance, it is also convenient.

  Guangzhou's new type of soldering beam not only makes the heavy shelves more elegant, strong and durable, but also further promotes the new era of storage shelves.

  The sword from the sharpening out, plum flower. Guangzhou pilot was able to or become a competitor or a guest, the core reason cause is stick to innovation driven road. It seems that R & D is a new key to open the door of the world, and it is also the key point of the core value of the enterprise. In order to make plans to get products to or or highly conform to the market need, the core R & D personnel pilot "drive" to the customer on the door, listening to customer insight, and customers together to refute the performance of the product is tested to argue, the improving method, obtain first-hand data immediately after the end of product improvement and creation, is no sub next, relying on independent innovation to obtain great success and become a leader in the shelf industry.