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The role of safety isolation network


  1, the use of safety isolation network is more extensive, for highway, railway, residential district, garden, factory area, airport and other guardrail protection. The characteristics of the safety isolation network are: strong anticorrosion capability, strong anti-aging property, good anti sun ability and durable weather resistance. It has played an important role in security and protection.

  2, the safety isolation network is common: bilateral wire fence, frame guardrail net, triangle bend guardrail network, varied color and wide use.

  (1) the shape and size of the double wire fence is 1.8*3m, the mesh is 8*16cm, and the silk is usually 3.8mm. The vertical column is connected by 48 tubes, and it is stronger. Commonly used in the wall, the factory area as a special isolation network, its common specifications make the factory often have a large number of stock in stock.

  (2) the frame guardrail net is roughly similar to the bilateral wire fence. Only on its basis, it is welded with a 20*30 square tube, which is stronger than the mesh. Common applications of highway, railway, high speed. The frame guardrail net is also relatively rich.

  (3) triangular bending fence except has the characteristics of both sides of the front, the most special is that the variety of colors, beautiful appearance. Because the common collocation column is peach shaped column, and the surface treatment of peach shaped column is mostly electrostatic spraying, and the color of electrostatic spraying is more, red, yellow, green, gray and so on.

  3, safety isolation network in security protection is no doubt, its price is cheap, is a kind of more suitable for safety, protection of a silk screen product. The barrier is a better product in terms of cost performance and service life.