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How does Guangzhou enterprise plan the heavy shelf size of its own factory?


  Heavy duty rack is a simple shelf made up of main auxiliary frame and crossbeam. According to the way of bearing and import and export, it can be divided into two parts: cross beam rack, driven rack and so on. The cross beam type shelf is more reliable with its economic and durable advantages, and is the first choice for storage shelves. The customer service department of Guangzhou shelf factory often receives the enquiry phone call from the customers, asking about the shelf size problem. In this paper, the Guangzhou shelf factory is to share with you how to design the heavy beam type rack size, so as to solve the most basic problem of the customer for the cross beam shelf.

  For example:

  Tray size: 1200mm*1000mm, of which 1200 is the direction of the fork;

  Cargo load: 1T/ tray (two pallets per layer)

  Height of the goods: 1100mm (including the height of the tray, need to plan 3 layers, that is, three storey and four storey goods)

  (1) according to the above information, will be the first to calculate the length of the beam shelf required according to the size of the tray, the tray two together with the length of clearance between the tray and the tray and the tray with the shelf post, Guangzhou shelf factory standard is usually 100, namely 1200*2+300=2700, calculated for 2700 of the size of shelves;

  (2) according to the calculated beam length, the material required for the shelf is calculated by the weight of each layer, that is, 120 of the holding beam.

  (3) the height of goods 1100, to leave 150 of the safety distance between each layer of the beam and the goods (safety fork, 1250*3 distance), while the top goods usually stay 500 can be, can be calculated according to the shelf height 1250*3+120 (beam material height) *3+500=4610, usually 75 column hole distance, so the column height is 4800H.

  (4) the depth of the tray is 1000, and in the design we usually reduce the 100, so that the goods are conveniently placed on the shelf.

  Above, the size of the heavy beam type shelf can be calculated as: 2700L*900D*4800H;

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