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Heavy-duty shelf storage automation system


  Heavy shelf storage automation system distribution of goods to meet the efficiency of modern stores to request the convenience of storage, precision is the demand of modern business operation. In today's society, with the accelerated pace of work days, we request is high efficiency, it is necessary to obtain the goods storage, convenient and efficient. The accurate and timely distribution of goods is the basic condition to win customers, and then bring more back customers, and constitute a stable customer group. The efficiency of handling promotes the reduction of the cost and the profit space. The rapid development of the society, the increasingly incandescent business operation competition, in order to develop in the livelihood, it is necessary to try to reduce the operating cost. And the storage and handling of the capital in the operating cost of a larger proportion, the establishment of heavy shelf storage automation system can improve the profit space for business operations.

  (1) transport system using PLC control, through the network and other equipment for data and information exchange in the network computer shutdown condition, transportation control system and control system of stacker can point to point communication method is done directly for data exchange, to ensure the normal delivery, library. When the computer is restored to work, the control system initiatively transfers the data to the host computer.

  (2) sorting system. It is connected with PLC, other equipment and communication lines through the field bus. The tower type sorting machine should be selected for a very large distribution base for distribution and sorting.

  (3) control system. The control system uses field bus control and supports long distance control, making system maintenance more convenient and convenient.