Cantilever rack

Cantilevered shelves are usually composed of a base, columns, cantilevers, and related accessories. Under the requirement of high load-bearing capacity, the columns of cantilever shelves are used as columns of heavy-duty shelves, and the load-bearing capacity of the cantilever can be increased by increasing the load-bearing point of the cantilever.

Cantilever shelves are suitable for storing strip goods of different lengths, such as steel plates, steel pipes, long boxes, etc. It can be designed as a single sided cantilever or a double sided cantilever according to the on-site conditions, and a stopper is installed at the end of the cantilever to prevent the goods from rolling off.

Cantilever rack


From the pictures in the case, we can see that traditional cantilever shelves only have one point of force on the cantilever, and all the pressure is concentrated at one point, which can easily cause deformation of the cantilever shelves due to overweight. And our cantilever shelf has two force points on each arm, which is relatively balanced and more stable. 

Cantilever rack


This batch of cantilever shelves all use double-sided cantilevers. When used as double-sided shelves, the cantilevers on both sides are the same, which can effectively balance the performance. This structure of cantilever shelves is more superior in performance.


Cantilever rack


In terms of color selection, the customer chose a dark blue and orange color scheme, which is overall stable and reflects the modern sense of the warehouse. The aisle design is also spacious, making the overall effect of the warehouse bright and clear, showcasing the efficiency of modern warehouses everywhere.

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