Electronic Factory Light Shelf

Lightweight shelves are very economical, practical, and easy to install warehouse shelves. Their load-bearing capacity is relatively light, with a general load-bearing capacity of less than 500kg per layer. They effectively replace angle steel shelves, making them easier to install, more load-bearing, and more structurally sturdy than angle steel shelves.


Cantilever rack


Due to the fact that most electronic products are relatively small, lightweight shelves are widely used in electronic factories. Many electronic factories use lightweight shelves in their components, turnover, and finished product warehouses. Of course, in many cases, especially when storing electronic components, in order to achieve anti-static effects, it is necessary to design the shelves as anti-static shelves.


Cantilever rack


Most light shelves are manually operated, with a height of less than 2.2 meters to accommodate manual access. If the height is too high, it is necessary to cooperate with climbing equipment for operation. Light shelves are generally placed directly on the ground and are not connected by expansion bolts, so climbing is prohibited to avoid safety accidents.

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