Specialize in heavy duty rack and mezzanine rack.

Customer question answering questions


  1, Q: do you have an invoice for your order for your company?

  A: Yes, we can open 17% VAT invoices.

  2, Q: how to deal with the surface of the product?

  A: the product surface electrostatic treatment, mainly for: grinding process (except slag impurities), pickling (with degreasing agent after drying with hydrochloric acid cleaning for 20 minutes after the water dry, add 5-10 minutes to prevent rust phosphating agent) - baking electrodusting (according to customer requirements of the high temperature (180-200 colors), barbecue Celsius for about 90 minutes, 20 minutes), insulation products, baked, packing, powder thickness of 60 microns.

  3, Q: is the shelf load-bearing capacity?

  A: we can rest assured that we decide to choose the material according to the customer's load. The column is commonly used for WISCO Q235 hot-rolled plate, advanced technology: microcomputer control production, the use of overseas hot bending technology, the corner surface is several times more than the general profile, compared to the traditional shelf safety factor increased by 30%.

  4, Q: how do you produce the shelf of your company?

  A: the production process is as follows: hot rolled plate, straight, punching, forming, cutting, welding, spraying, cost out of factory, transportation and installation

  5, Q: is there an after-sale service for the product?

  A: Yes, our products have 10 years of free testing, 5 years of product maintenance, and a special line of after-sales service (13600031336).

  6, Q: can your company guarantee delivery on time?

  A: because our customers signed the contract, so we will strictly deliver the goods on time and on time according to the time stipulated in the contract. It is necessary to do it!

  7, Q: can the product be replaced with defects?

  A: as a responsible company, it is our obligation to ensure the quality of shipment. If the defect of the product is indeed caused by our staff, we will take the initiative to replace it.

  8, Q: is the product made in accordance with our size? Is there a contact way?

  A: the above shelf can be customized according to the customer's needs. After-sale service line (400-0282-998)