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What should we pay attention to on the reservation and purchase of the shelves?


  The first thing you should consider is to make full use of space, that is to say, we should try our best to expand the use of the original warehouse. Reduce the cost of the use of the warehouse. So the use of maximum shelf space is one of the important principles of warehouse shelf design.

  Secondly, before customizing the shelves, we should do a good job of investigation and research, and then make a decision. In a simple word, the layout of the warehouse should be fully understood. Reasonable。 Scientific arrangement can reduce the waste of the dead space and increase the utilization rate of the space. At the same time, the neat appearance is also the key to customize the shelf.

  Lastly, we should pay special attention to the process of customized shelves, and make clear our imagined shelves to design companies, so as to make them reasonable later. Effective use.

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