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How should the shelf quote compare to the customer?


  The most important thing is the price list. Quotation sheet usually includes that shelf categories, specifications, unit price, and total material. For example, heavy shelves, is said to the main frame is the sub frame (if you don't know the main frame and the auxiliary frame concept, please refer to the main frame | shelf sub frame of the concept and application), but also tell the customer what specifications shelves.

  What kind of material is the material, so as to express the carrying capacity of the shelf and so on. The last quote price except quotation sheet, brief statement but also the material parameters, the shelves of the construction process and assembly conditions, to allow customers to have more and more all met in addition to the price, but also can offer that include transportation, assembly, tax and other fees.

  How does the customer compare the shelf quotes? Customers usually use three or five shelf suppliers to compare. Many customers first compare the price, which is not reasonable. Just like buying clothes, we usually don't compare the shops on the stalls with the exclusive stores. Therefore, the first should be to see the scale, only under the same process, the quality of the shelf and service life and service is comparable.

  After knowing the grade of the supplier, it will begin to be more than the price. In the beginning, we must see the number. Because the number of different plans is not the same. Then we need to see the specifications and see whether the specifications of all the quotations can be the same. Then we need to see the materials and see if the materials can be used. Of course, we propose that the customer have the same number and specification before the conditional offer.