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How can storage shelves be used in a reasonable way?


  How to better store storage shelves in warehouses? Cross training: "long" line in the "width" direction of the warehouse is a line, suitable for storing small parts, easy to carry, usually 2~4 each row of shelves, can be divided into 2-8 cargo locations. Application scope is very wide. Vertical column: the cargo space is in the "wide" direction of the warehouse, and the "long" line is in the straight line. It is suitable for long and fine articles, such as sections, pipes and so on. Transportation vehicles usually stop at the nearest place to the goods. Therefore, it is used in bulk and bag storage. The width of the warehouse is too narrow to use this method.

  Nearby: the goods were placed on the wall of the warehouse. It is suitable for storing small pieces and small space warehouse. It is generally used for office type cabin. It is more convenient to enter and arrange. This station is mainly used in the maintenance room and the middle area. On the shelf of warehouse layout, only storage space is allowed to store more goods. Warehousing enterprises help enterprises to solve the mess, the storage area for the insufficient problems, the rational utilization of the storage enterprises in the area, and the biggest advantage for enterprises to store area.

  Almost everyone knows about warehouses, goods are stored, there are shelves, and there are large shelves. But because they are not customized, they will not be able to set up the dimensions perfectly, leaving some space in the warehouse part. People tend to empty it. In fact, I want to tell you. There is absolutely no need to put a light shelf or a heavy shelf. This can save space and store more things. What's the opinion like? Not bad!