Clothing mid size shelves

Medium sized shelves are classified based on their load-bearing capacity, usually ranging from 500 to 800kg/layer. It is generally used in manual work situations, so in normal use, the aisle should take into account the distance for manual handling of goods. If the height is high, it is necessary to climb the vehicle for operation, so the width of the passage for climbing needs to be considered.


Clothing mid size shelves


The warehouse has a large area, and when designing shelves, we have selected appropriate channel sizes based on the customer's usage situation, cargo size, and load-bearing capacity. We have designed shelf specifications that balance cost, usage efficiency, and storage efficiency, enabling medium-sized shelves to achieve maximum efficiency in the warehouse.


Clothing mid size shelves


This batch of shelves has a total of six layers, and the top plate is also one of the storage layers. Like other layers, it can accommodate goods. Due to its highest height and the most inconvenient operation, we suggest that customers place some of the least commonly used goods. Customers can also lower the height of this layer when using it, and it does not necessarily need to be flush with the height of the column.


Clothing mid size shelves


The columns of the shelves are blue, the beams are orange red, and the layers are white. This is also a typical color combination, making the colors of the warehouse well-arranged and eye-catching when placing goods.

Except for the entire row against the wall, other rows of medium-sized shelves generally use a back mounted style, which can save space to the greatest extent. One aisle can accommodate both left and right rows of shelves.

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