Warehouse High Level Heavy Shelf Project

The service enthusiasm that cannot be extinguished by the scorching sun

In recent years, the scorching sun has swept through many cities across the country, but it cannot stop the enthusiasm of Pioneer Asia for providing sincere service to customers. The high-level heavy-duty shelves of approximately 3000 square meters of warehouse at Sage have been successfully completed and put into use.

Heavy duty shelves: 1440 square meters, with a shelf height of 8.1 meters, and can be picked up by a forward moving forklift.

Navigation&Yada Heavy Shelf and Penthouse Platform, Safe Storage!

Penthouse platform: 1725 square meters

Heavy duty shelves are the most widely used pallet goods storage shelves with strong versatility. High space utilization, flexible and convenient access, simple supporting equipment, low cost, rapid installation and disassembly, supplemented by computer management or control, can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics systems. It is widely used in manufacturing, Third-party logistics, distribution centers and other fields. It is not only suitable for the storage of multi variety and small batch items, but also suitable for the storage of small variety and large batch items.

Due to the heavy storage of items, heavy-duty shelves need to be used in conjunction with pallets and forklifts. The height of the high-level heavy-duty shelf we designed this time is 8.1 meters, with four layers of crossbeams and five layers for storage. The customer uses a narrow channel forklift, and our designed channel is ≥ 2.2 meters. The two rows of heavy-duty shelves are connected by 250mm pull rods, and combined with the customer's use of 1200 (fork in) * 1000mm pallet, the heavy-duty shelf size is designed as L2700 * W900 * H8100mm.

In the planning of the entire warehouse, we combine the main channel with the rack access operation channel, and place the main channel at the front end of the high-level heavy-duty rack. This can ensure the maximum efficiency of multiple forklift operations and improve the storage and retrieval speed of the warehouse.

In addition, we set up anti-collision guardrails at the turning points of the passage (i.e. next to the column group), mainly to prevent accidental operation of forklifts, which can cause them to directly hit the shelves and cause safety production accidents. This can effectively protect the shelves and prompt forklift workers for safe operation.

GDPilot Shelves provides professional logistics designers with free on-site design services. We will design warehouse shelves from a safe, reasonable, and economical perspective based on customers' actual needs. Guangdong Yada Industrial Co., Ltd. has always been focused on the design and manufacturing of attic shelves, attic platforms, and heavy-duty shelves. Currently, we wholeheartedly serve tens of thousands of enterprises to improve the operational and management efficiency of storage sites, thereby bringing better benefits. The products are mainly made of thickened hot rolled steel, which is 30% more than the materials used in the same industry. The advanced production line and a batch of automatic beam welding production equipment are strictly in accordance with the Shelf Industry Standard. The shelves produced have 12 folds, high Factor of safety and large bearing capacity, 1.65 times of the traditional shelves. Since its establishment for fifteen years, Guangzhou Navigation Shelves not only has more than 10 automated heavy-duty shelving production lines, but also has introduced high-end heavy-duty shelving production equipment such as double pulse automatic welding, foreign cold bending forming, CNC punching, and electrostatic spray molding, which can meet the needs of different customers for customized production.

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