Ultra heavy steel platform project

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The scorching summer heat is getting stronger, but it cannot stop the enthusiasm of the Navigation Shelf to provide sincere service to customers. The 1500 kg/square meter overloaded steel platform has been successfully completed and put into use

A steel platform, also known as a work platform, is suitable for situations where the site is limited and there are a large variety and a small quantity. It can increase the utilization rate of the existing site several times.

Steel platforms can usually be designed with 2-3 floors, and the separated space can be used for storage or office purposes. Customized according to warehouse area, height, and cargo size, it can avoid beams and columns. There are stairs and cargo elevators, etc., and a tally platform can be reserved to connect the Cart and cargo elevators reasonably, so as to make full use of the space.

This type of platform is suitable for large and medium-sized warehouses with high warehouses, where there are multiple types of large batches or small batches of goods, manual storage, and large inventory. Small footprint and high space utilization.

The completed steel platform project of the Navigation Heavy Shelf is a well-known large enterprise. According to customer requirements, although the steel platform has a small area of only about 150 square meters and a height of 3 meters, it can carry a weight of 1500kg per square meter. What is the reason why it can carry so much weight? Of course, while considering customer needs, the Navigation Heavy Shelf also fully considers safety issues. After detailed discussion and calculation, it also ensures the safety of the steel platform in the later stage of use.

The solution is as follows:

1) Add reinforcing bars in the middle of the column to enhance its strength;

2) Add diagonal tie rods between columns;

3) Slant support is added between main beam and column;

4) To avoid insufficient force on the hook hook, design the hook on the main beam and lock it with screws, while adding a tie rod hook between the hooks.

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