Customized crossbeam heavy-duty shelves by Huadu Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Heavy storage shelves, also known as crossbeam shelves, are designed with pallets for storage. They adopt a combination structure and are suitable for storing various types of goods. Many warehouse shelves are developed from crossbeam shelves, which is why they are deeply loved by many enterprises. This is a crossbeam heavy-duty shelf designed by our company and Huadu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.:

GDPilot Racking have always focused on the design and manufacturing of attic shelves, attic platforms, and heavy-duty shelves; The products are mainly made of thickened hot rolled steel, which is 30% more than the materials used in the same industry. The advanced production line and a batch of automatic beam welding production equipment are strictly in accordance with the Shelf Industry Standard. The shelves produced have 12 folds, high Factor of safety and large bearing capacity, 1.65 times of the traditional shelves.

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