Heavy duty pallet rack for garment & fabric industry

The garment factory warehouse is a customized heavy-duty rack by GDPilot Racking, which is storage by pallet for easy operation. It is tailored for the characteristics of the raw materials of the garment factory.

Heavy duty pallet rack specially customized by garment factory

Heavy duty pallet rack specially customized by garment factory

Clothing factory warehouse goods are generally fabric, so it is heavy, if choose to manually store, it is hard for warehouse operators and will increase the difficulty of storage. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the warehouse goods and the storage environment to customize the appropriate storage racks. Regarding the characteristics of the fabric warehouse, professional designers know that heavy pallet shelves can solve the warehousing problem of the fabric warehouse, because the heavy shelf has a super high storage capacity, and each layer can be adjusted by 75mm, which is especially suitable for the operation and use of forklifts and stackers, flexible and simple, and ensure safety. In addition, the weight can be as high as 3-4 tons, which shows that it is very durable and reliable, for the cloth warehouse of the clothing factory, the heavy pallet shelf can solve the efficiency of the warehouse operators, but also to a great extent improve the storage capacity. Easy to achieve optimized warehouse management.

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