Customized mezzanine rack for construction company

Customized warehouse attic platform for mechanical construction company warehouse, bringing storage super artifacts to the warehouse


These are five platforms customized by a certain construction company at our Yada Attic Shelf Factory, covering an area of over 100 square meters. The platform has a net height of 2385MM and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 300KG per square meter. And the platform surface is covered with steel gussets with extremely high wear and tear. According to the customer's warehouse access requirements, this warehouse attic and platform are not equipped with guardrails or shipping ports.

The storage capacity of the attic shelf is beyond your imagination, and it is a popular choice for warehouses in Guangzhou. The attic platform instantly transforms your warehouse, which originally had no storage space, into a double-layer storage space. It effectively solves the problem of insufficient storage space in the warehouse. The small attic shelves release the maximum storage space in the warehouse and greatly save your warehouse expenses. Are you still worried about the unclear efficiency of the warehouse and insufficient storage space? Customized attic platform wins with one move. Guangzhou Yada Attic Shelf Factory is a shelf factory with 10 years of experience in professional production, operation, and sales. It provides your warehouse with double-layer storage space and brings your warehouse into a super storage artifact.

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